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You are what you eat.

No, literally, you are.

What else is going to fuel your body other than what you eat? Unfortunately watching the food network nonstop doesn’t transport all that made from scratch unprocessed gourmet goodness directly into your body. Would be amazing if it did. But you have to make smart choices when it comes to one of the easiest choices there is to make. What goes in your mouth.

You want your body to be fueled by things that can nourish and strengthen it, not simply fill it up. Really look at your food and ask yourself, is this benefitting my bod? It’s kind of amazing how much it changes your perspective.

However, I am a firm believer in balance. The last person anyone wants to hang around with is the person reciting how horrible everything on your plate is for you…while they are chomping on a plate of kale.

Treats (used sparingly) have their own way of nourishing your body and social life. Especially queso dip. And Ice cream.

So, if I am what I eat. I’d like to think I am made of healthy wholesome goodness…and a little queso dip.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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