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When was the last time you went an extra mile, both literally and figuratively?

The more modern conveniences interfere, the easier it is to be lazy, and the more vacant that extra mile is becoming.

But when you do make the extra effort nowadays, it’s extra gratifying:

* Hiking to the next peak, or taking the trail a little further, gives you a greater sense of peace and accomplishment.
* Knowing you can run 5 miles instead of your usual 4, feels pretty darn sweet.
* Calling a friend instead of texting allows you to actually connect and hear how each other are feeling.
* Putting together a care package for a friend who hit a rough patch, is a lot better than a facebook comment.

So when the opportunity presents itself, go the extra mile. It tends to not be a busy one.

But is a rather amazing one.

Pictured above – My favorite run on Oahu, where I always went an extra mile so I could get this view. Quite a sweet perk :)
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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