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Guys Style Inspo | El Ron Guayabera Shirt Roark Smuggles Cuba's Official Formal Dress Shirt to the US


The international surf style masters at Roark just returned from the forbidden land of Cuba with fresh cuts inspired by the artifacts of their adventure.  Roark stumbled through Havana’s underbelly in his authentic Guayabera style shirt, earning him praise from local heavies for his legit Cuban pleats and patterns.

“We named this shirt “El Ron” after the Cuban word for Rum. Mostly because it became soiled by the alcohol nightly, becoming the go-to drinking shirt in Havana. It has a small “guayabera” pleat detail below the collar that’s inspired by the traditional Cuban shirt.” -Ryan Hitzel, Founder CEO.


History: Guayabera was born as a Cuban legend about a poor countryside seamstress sewing large patch-pockets onto her husband’s shirts for carrying guava (guayabas) from the field. Guayabera also takes root from the word yayabero, the singular nickname for those who lived near the Yayabo River in Cuba.

Though commonly called guayabera, in Yucatán, Mexico, it is also known as camisa de Yucatán. In 2010, Cuba declared the guayabera shirt to be its “official formal dress garment.

El Ron Style Tips:

-Pair with at pair of Chino shorts and Sandals
-If you forget sunscreen, surf in your shirt, unbuttoned. Photos look insane with the wind blown action
-Rock Roark’s Style at the next beach wedding you attend
-A Cuba Libre should not substitute any rum but Bacardi
-Cubans do the money dance at weddings, but hold the $1 bills, she’s not a stripper

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