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Wish You Were Here | Playa Negra The Real Surf Trips Crew Guides Us Through The Costa Rica Surf Scene


With South Swells’ tricking into the long -rage forecast, surfers are scrambling to book tickets to the tropics. Bob Witty of Real Surf Trips opened his home to the SWELL crew and dialed us into scoring the world class right hander at Playa Negra .   Photos: by Tony Robertsmap

The Season
The Guanacaste Peninsula lies on the NW Pacific coast of Costa Rica  where Real Surf Trips is perched on world’s best surf in Central America. Travelers who are ready for quality surf should plan to arrive during our peak season between March and September, when the southern hemisphere delivers consistent medium to large swells to our coastline.

Before heading to the airport for your trip, remember to toss these SWELL surf essentials

Sunscreen and Aloe
Tropical board wax
Surfboard Ding Repair 
Surfboard bag
Rash guard/Surf Top: our water is on average 84 degrees and a rash guard will help protect you from the tropical sun.
Performance Boardshorts: for Rash-resistant stretch
• Polarized Sunglasses

Costa Transportation Tips
Costa Rica’s beaches can be a little “off the beaten path” but not to worry, we’ll take care of transporting you, your friends and your boards to some of the best and least known surf spots in the area. Buses are tricky but once you figure them out they are cheap and easy. And if you rent a car get insurance!


Lay Day Activities 
There arent many down days during the spring/summer/fall season, but if there is or you are traveling with someone who doesn’t surf there is plenty to do. SUP the estero, fish, snorkel, hike to the nearby waterfalls, zip line the canopy or horseback ride on the beach. Or just kick back, relax and enjoy the Real Surf Trips backyard and pool or chill behind the house at the beach.


Local Surf Grinds
All that surfing will leave you very hungry, so pick the right dishes to avoid the sleepy feeling after lunch. Traditional casado is a good option because it combines rice, beans, meat, and vegetables. Need a little pick me up in the morning? Costa Rica coffee is some of the best in the world and we’ll have it brewing for you before you head out on Dawn Patrol. And of course, our local tropical fruits and veggies will for sure give you a mid-day energy boost to get you back in the water for that late morning, mid afternoon or sunset surf. 3 sessions a day are not uncommon


Tico Surf Etiquette 
Costa’s culture is fairly laid back, but please mind your manners both in and out of the water.

DO:  Surf etiquette is the same as every other beach you’ve surfed, respect the locals
DON’T: Leave valuables in plain sight in your car or unattended on the beach.

DO: Learn a few key phrases, get a Spanish dictionary and of course, the mantra of Costa Rica…Pura Vida (Pure Life).
DON’T: Take seashells or feed/interact with wildlife.

DO: Document your sessions with on-site pro photographer Tony Roberts

DON’T: Miss your Opportunity to Book a Trip With Real Surf Trips



Lisa Andersen and Bob Witty Refueling for another Negra Session




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