Meet Your Maker | RVCA Womens Trends, Career Advice and the Balance of Opposites with RVCA's New Women's Design Director, Anya Violet
November 20, 2013

Meet the new RVCA Womens Designer…Anya Violet. Didn’t know RVCA just picked up some fresh talent? Well if you don’t know, now you know. Lucky for us (and you), we got a chance to venture over to RVCA’s HQ and meet your (new) maker…IMG_0044
SWELL: First off…How did you get here?
ANYA: Hard work, amazing mentorship, trusting my instincts, and staying true to passions. RVCA has been the number 1 brand I have wanted to work for since I started in the industry.

SWELL: Any advice for aspiring designers wanting to work in the action sports industry?
ANYA: To me it is all about balance. It’s important to be creative and think outside the box but it is also important to know what will execute well when the garment is produced. I strive to be positive and easy to work with while also standing up for what I believe in. I try and always have an emotional connection with what I’m working on so that it doesn’t feel like work.

SWELL: What’s the best thing about working for RVCA?
ANYA: The people! RVCA is full of such amazingly talented people: from our advocates to our ANP artists to our in-house design team. I am constantly inspired.

IMG_0062 IMG_0067
SWELL: What’s your favorite piece from the RVCA Women’s Holiday Collection?
ANYA: I’m loving the solid black colorway of Khan Dress. It’s a perfect little black dress.

SWELL: You’ve designed for Billabong, O’Neill, and Rusty (to name a few!). How is designing for RVCA different than your past experiences in the action sports industry?
ANYA: Well, I have learned many different things working for each brand. I think a certain kind of magic happens when you are lucky enough to work for a brand that you feel a personal connection to. As a designer it is our job to be versatile and to be able to design for any customer. When I get to design for RVCA I feel like I am designing for my friends. I am so inspired by our amazing artists and advocates that it just comes really naturally. It makes me really excited about every piece!

SWELL: RVCA is founded on the idea of a Balance of Opposites – how does your design aesthetic balance out the current RVCA brand and design?
ANYA: It’s funny because I actually relate very much to the idea of balance of opposites. Being a Gemini, I am constantly finding that balance between the two sides of myself and it is translated into everything I do. When it comes to design, finding the balance is so important. RVCA started as a menswear brand so it is really fun for me create balance between the masculine foundation and a feminine aesthetic.

SWELL: Can you give us a nugget of what’s to come for Spring 2015? What design(s)/design element(s) are you excited to see come to life?
ANYA: Um… no! haha… sorry! All I will say is this; no ruffle or bows

SWELL: Tell us about the coming season’s trends…what do you predict to see that’s new for Spring 2014?
ANYA: The juxtaposition of textures as well as hand done craft techniques will be important for Spring 14. We are also seeing a lot of new wash techniques.

SWELL: And a few quikies…
Top 3 on my iTunes most played list…
At the moment:
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Led Zeppelin
Patti Smith

I never leave home without….
My IPhone….. so lame

My most well-traveled article of clothing / accessory in my closet is….
Leather jacket by far

My novelty license plate holder would read: “I’d Rather Be …”

If I weren’t a designer, I’d be …
An astronomer