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SWELL Eats | Pupukea Grill Recipes and Surf Food at a North Shore Food Truck


Pupukea grill is part lunch wagon, part north shore hangout and 100% farm fresh fare for the Pipeline chargers. SWELL photog Domenic Mosquiera and Jamie Obrien dropped by to refuel for the pumping Pipe session going down on Christmas Eve.


J.O.B.’s Pick: Spicy Ahe Quinoa Salad

-1Cup diced Spicy Ahe (bio Mayo with saracha to taste for spicyness)
-Plate of mixed green salad
-Topped healthly with Quinoa
-Sliced cucumbers
-Half and avacado
-Garnished with a sprinkle of dried cut seaweed
-House-made Teriyaki Dressing


Conquer every food group with an Acai Cup, Chicken wrap, Tamale, Ahi Salad and banana bread _MG_0938


Jamie O’Brien and “poopies” are among the Pupkea Surf Team riders regulars that also includes, Kalani Chapman, Makua Rothman, Flynn Novak, eli Olson


Owner “D” and J.O.B.  are all smiles and shakasphoto (1)
photo (3) _MG_0930Merry Christmas all!


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