Photo Tip of the Week | Domenic Mosquiera
August 8, 2013
chpoes tube

chpoes tube

Teahupo’o resident and Follow the Light finalists Domenic Mosquiera explains how he endures those marathons swimming sessions to get that shot at Chopes. Dom will SWELL man at the end of the road for the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti, so stay tuned for tube vision of the Tahitian underground.

Photo Tip: Swim Longer, Smarter. 

Warmth: I always swim with a 2mil top, staying in the water at length you get chilly even in the tropics. It protect from sunburns too.

Fins: My trusty viper fins v7 to maximize kick and not tire myself out.

Fuel: I try to hydrate as much as possible the night before and morning knowing waves will be on all day. Oddly enough I can not each much in the am but if you can it comes highly recommended. I tend to just grab some spirulina and go. I bring water with me to leave on a boat near by and stuff a few granola/ ebergy bars in the front zip of my wetty top so I don’t have to get out of the water just to drink or eat.

Beyond that it is simple, my want to capture decisive moment drives my stubbornness and keeps me in the water! on good days, from morning to night hopefully nailing a few in between.


Domenic at Random

Favorite Surfer to Shoot: A lot of the local Tahitian surfers… they charge and are so comfortable in the barrel… Then it’s simple Jamie O’brien/ John John Florence, both surprising and get you amazing shots in most any situation!

Name of your whip: Fidel

Daily Driver Camera: 1D mark iv

Heaviest Water Situation: getting a solid 10ft Teahupo’o wave on the head, bouncing off the bottom and found myself part of the lip of the second. Scarrrrrrrry

Pre-Sesh Tunes: depends, so much good music out there to fit the wave…. Mariachi, Lcd Soundsystem, Coltrane, Sigur Ros, Burning spear, Public enemy, Pennywise…….

Favorite 80s Movie: Goonies, Airplane for sure!

Everyone knows my name at: the liquor store

Cant camp without: a fire and cerveza