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Party Flavors | Summer Drink Inspo 5 Tools for Turning Up Your Summer Libation Celebration


Drink Responsibly -Don’t Send It Too Hard Por Favor – 21+

Top surf brands submit their favorite tools for getting turnt.

1. Sanuk’s Mini Melon Infusion

This vodka infused mini melon isn’t from some pinterest inspo, its courtesy of our favorite savages at Sanuk.

How: Buy a mini watermelon at a local produce supplier or more commonly found at farmers markets.
-Using a chopstick, puncture the melon and lightly churn the insides to increase absorption
-Shove minibar vodka bottle into the hole and refrigerate to allow absorption for no less that 3 hours.
-Remove bottle and carefully slice the top layer of the rind off wide enough to spoon out the pulp
-Fill shotglass with vodka infused watermelon and top off with any extra booze – DOWN IT

2. Burton’s Beeracuda

Keep Your Cool
-This insulated mobile cooler keeps you stocked and loaded for the party on the go.
-Zip up a 6 pack, throw it over your shoulder, and stay cool for hours.
-Includes: “Drink Me” coozie, so you better listed to Burton. Check them out at SWELL

beeracuda3. Ambsn Flamingbong


 Garden Art Never Tasted so good.

How: This decor is drink ready with some scissor snips and the beak and tail of the bird.
Now that its a beer bong, beer a coldie into the body cavity, wait for the foam to settle, and get that sucker turt up!

Gear up for Summer with AMBSN


4. Reef’s Church Key Sandal


Mick Fanning aka Eugue’s favorite party favor.
-Sure you walk in crap sometimes, but its better than opening a beer with your teeth. The alcohol will wash the germs anyway.
Check Reef Gear out at SWELL

5. Volcom Beer Watch


5. Volcom Beer Watch

Rock a Stylish Volcom  Tee the honors the less than incognito tall can lovers, or mount the “beer watch opener” in your party pad.

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