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Packing Guide: New York Just the Essentials from SWELL Buyer, Megan.

The SWELL women’s buyer is off style-hunting in New York this week, scouring the shows to bring back wearable treasures from the right coast. We can’t wait to see what Megan brings back! Curious to see what she brought with her to the city? Read on for a little suitcase rummaging…

* A Better-Than-Basic Jacket: There’s no explanation necessary for the jacket part this week. Keep it neutral, but pick something that has some unexpected style elements to it, like this two-tone wool piece from Otis & Maclain
Pictured: Otis & Maclain Wool Jacket

* Standout Sweaters: Get creative with unique sweater prints for a bold statement
Pictured: Somedays Lovin’ Sweater

* Black Skinny Denim: A day to night essential. My favorites are the RES Skinnies…the fit is dean on.
Pictured: RES Skinny Jeans

* Felt Hat: Keep the heat without sacrificing style.
Pictured: RVCA Felt Hat

* Sleek iPad Case: If you’re going to be carrying it everywhere, shouldn’t you accessorize it appropriately? Side note: Most of us are attached at the hip to our technology, but please, don’t take that as an excuse to WEAR it on your hip.
Pictured: Leather iPad Sleeve by Stela9

* Fringed Carry-All: I like to travel with a bag large enough to fit catalogs, my iPad, and other necessities, but that’s small enough to take out at night as well. Always in the bag: reading material for commutes and delays, lip balm, and a travel candle.
Pictured: Fringe Bucket Bag

* Sunglasses: It’s cold, but the sun it still shining!
Pictured: Black Sunglasses

* Flat Boots: Walking between showrooms, around trade shows, and across the city calls for some added function. But don’t be silly, we’re not leaving behind the fashion element here!
Pictured: Report Ankle Bootie

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