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Intern Eye For Epic: Neapolitan Pizzeria & Birreria SWELL Summer Intern Reviews Laguna's Beachside Pizza Destination

matt_internMatt here, Your SWELL summer intern on a mission to bring you the best places to run around barefoot and score après surf grinds and gear.  First, Neapolitan Pizzeria & Birreria in Laguna Beach, CA. This place has an epic selection of craft beers and organic ‘farm to table’ ingredients to make pizzas.

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What is a birreria…? It’s Italian for brew house, and Neapolitan lives up to that name with radical beers paired perfectly with any pizza and those mellow summer days.

Shelby & Abel Jr. here rocking SWELL logo tees, hand tossing pizzas for Lola and the boys. We were hungry and eager to devour with cold beers before cruising the Laguna Beach Art Walk.

DSCF1094 copy “Quick hands and an understanding of this pizza oven makes these pizzas thin and crispy” Abel Jr. said while tossing a fresh pizza pie in the air and Shelby down the line, wearing the SWELL Tee’s.

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The 900 degrees pizza oven hand made in Naples, Italy was imported to South Laguna. The pizza’s are cooked for 3 – 5 minutes on volcanic rock from Mount Vesuvius.

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Matt’s Top 2 Pizzas

Blackberry pizza: The most unique pizza on the menu. Casually adorned with a house made spiced blackberry jam, ricotta, bacon and arugula — blackberry was sweet and savory, until the pie was devoured.

Pairings: Match the fruit flavor with a bittersweet stout.

Fungi pizza: This is when things got interesting… This pizza was filled with Hen of the Wood mushrooms, potatoes, olive oil and top off with an egg! Filling and satisfying with egg yoke on my slices.

Pairings: Wash it down with plenty of wheaty Hefeweizen.

Honorable Mention

Margherita Pizza: Light and not too filling, like a classic grom’s cheese pizza, with basil and olive oil.

Pairings: This pizza pairs best with a blonde ale.

Calabrese pizza: It came to the table and had large crispy Italian salami on it with red pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese. After the first bite, this thing will train-wreck your mouth with fire and spice!

Pairings: Pair this pie with an IPA to meet spice with spice.

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The restaurant is in a prime location in South Laguna Beach, directly above Table Rock Beach across Pacific Coast Highway.

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Perfect for a hot date (as shown by SWELL’s Dave and Clayton above), day or night.  Stumble up from the beach in sandals and sand between your toes, or class it up with a dress shirt from SWELL.

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Ok my SWELL people, my first review of the best places to score great grub and beer is a wrap! I was stoked to get down to the beach with my friends for some pizza and beer this time and share it all with you. South Laguna is where I was born and raised, so it rests in a special place in my heart. It’s a destination worth a visit as you can tell there is also an epic restaurant to check out. If you are local or just cruising up or down the coast,  good vibes and hospitality will always be purveyed here.

Check out Nealaguna.com


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