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9 Essential Tips for Surviving Music Festivals Party Proof Your Festivities with SWELL's Pre-Coachella Checklist


Brixton and Juxtapoz Magazine threw the Sight & Sound at the Yellow Jacket Social Club in Austin, Texas during SXSW. Enjoy the evidence and lessons we learned during the rockin Brixton bender. 

1: Don’t Wear Sandals

As ideal as it sounds to wear flip flops in the hot desert sun, blackened feet or a sandal blowout can sabotage your style. Opt for some low-cut classic Vans with festival flair.


2: Don’t over-book your band schedule

See a couple artists to scratch off your the bucket list, but save time to discover up-and-comers on the smaller stages.


3: Bring Cheap Backup Shades

Pack your favorite high end frames, but bring some cheap ones if you know its going to be shit show.  Opt for some acetate RAENs, then pack some cheap Vans Spicoli Shades as backup.


4. Bring A Bike.

Cruise past lines of cars and be hero by going on a beer run when everyone is too pickled to drive. Grab a beater bike off craigslist for $30 though, chances are it will get jacked.


5: Wear a hat
You’ll never out-lather the desert sun, rock a hat from the fest-masters at Brixton.


6. Urban Camping

When every hotel is booked or overpriced, rent an camper or big van to crash at RV park


7. Get Graphic

Psychadellic Standout tee graphics are the cornerstone to guys festival style.


8. Tip a Street Performer

Its just good Karma, and you’ll need it more than that 3 bucks


9: Sleep When You’re Dead

Get your monies worth and don’t miss out on a single set, or you’ll have full FOMO remorse on the way home.




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