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Guy’s Gift Guide to Mother’s Day Fail-Safe Employee Picks for Mom Based on Questionable Male Logic


Swell’s soggy crew of surf derryls weighed in with their choice gifts for the women who brought them into the world.  Mother’s Day is May 11th, boys, so get gifting at SWELL without having to linger around the department store.


Morgan: Men’s Buyer
His Pick: Raen Optics

“Like my name, these are unisex and loved by all.” – Morgan 


Dave: Senor Marketing Mook
His Pick: Beach Blanket

“Mother there is no other, like mother, treat her right, treat her right.” – Mr. T



Billy:  Surfboard Guru
His Pick: Scented Surf Candles

“People always seem to light scented candles when I enter a room, so I may as well save ’em the trouble.” – Bill



David: Customer Care
His Pick: Beach Bags

“Nothing says America like loving your mama and a bag full of crap for the beach.” – David



Ralph: Customer Care
His Pick: Billabong Sandals

“I hear that women like shoes.” – Ralph



Clay: Marketing Manager
His Pick: SWELL Gift Card

“Last year I got my mom a Shamwow. I’ll stick with the fail-safe SWELL giftcard.” – Clay



Michael: Art Director
His Pick: Nixon Watch

“Because she deserves it…and because the waves were reeeeaaalllyyyy good last Mother’s Day.” – Michael



Nate: SWELL Free Surfer
His Pick: Brimmed Hat

“Mom’s don’t like wrinkles  so don’t mention them and save her skin with a floppy hat.” – Nate 

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