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Behind the Lens | Morgan Maassen We Ask SWELL Catalog Photog Some Weird Questions About His Life


Last good flogging your took in the water

Teahupoo last summer, swimming with my Red Housing. i swam into the bowl and lined up perfectly with Kelly Slater. the next one broke way too far out, so i braced for impact over my 20 pound aluminum housing. i got absolutely destroyed.

Daily Driver Camera

Morgan: iPhone & Contax t2.

Favorite Person to Follow in Insta

Morgan: @mensweardog and @geoffandhis2dads… i follow a lot of dog instagrams…


Weirdest thing you saw at us open

Morgan: i only went one night for a quick drink at Dukes, but i saw some obese people getting a tour of Huntington sidewalks on mini-horses. it was rather odd.

Morgan’s SWELL Cover in the August SWELL Catalog

Advice for aspiring photogs

Morgan: shoot everyday, shoot everything. used prime lenses, and travel!

Guilty pleasure

Morgan: nike shoes. probably the most comfy, 3rd world exploitive product one can buy?

Last time you puked

Morgan: violent food poisoning struck me while in the petite city center of Salina Cruz, Mexico last summer on a surf trip. I projectile vomited everywhere, all the horse-drawn carts and mariachi bands were staring.


Biggest challenge in surf photography

Morgan: the cyclical nature of an intensive calendar of travel, big waves and sharp reefs.

3 songs playing on repeat

Morgan: “It’s Fantastic” by Milf Nipples
“NYC: 73-78” by Philip Glass & Beck
“Cavern” by Liquid Liquid

Destination you cant wait to revisit

Morgan: the Kimberly Mountains of North Western Australia. by far the most stunning land i’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Bye Morgan10520294_545924835533370_545019415_n

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