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Day in the Life | Matt Archbold Interviewing the King of Speed about his Baja Expeditions


The recent fires that hit southern California not only choked up natives airways with smoke, it brought the freeway system to a screeching halt and left Matt Archbold stuck in traffic trying to get to Cabo enroute to  some fresh air and to be a guest speaker on the last nite of the SIMA Cabo Surf Summit Event.  Two days later with family in tow… here’s what the San Clemente native had to say about his long lost Cabo love. Interview and Pics by Featured SWELL Photographer Jon Steele 

How long has it been since you went to Cabo?

ARCHY: Last time i was in Cabo 12 yrs  or longer probably 14 for Herbies contest.  I was 17 or 18 years old. I was down there for the contest with Christian and Herbie and Slater was down there. The contest was so fun at Zippers off the rock. We went two years in a row…


9am:  The Road to La Fortuna

Donkeys aren’t always a negative term out on the east cape. The locals know you have exotic foods in your car and aren’t afraid to shake a traveling surfer down for bananas or a bar of wax.


Whats your favorite memory surfing Cabo?

ARCHY: Haha One of my favorite memories down there was winning one of the Herbie contests cause first place was a piece of land! I got an acre of land down there which was cool..

Ive gotten Shipwrecks and Zippers pretty good, I’ve just never gotten the Pacific side very good.One year we stayed a couple weeks with Herb and we got one of the points pretty good.

We all caravaned down there and scored it pretty good. 4-6 feet and super fun, for Cabo it was pretty legit.


9:45am Surf-check at La Fortuna



The only thing thats changed in Matt’s approach to surfing is the amount of sunscreen he needs to apply nowadays to the dome and tattoos. Everything else is just as cool as he has ever been.


10am: Incoming Tide

Matt grew up surfing mushy Tstreet graduating to OTW (Off The Wall) where he makes his winter home but has never forgotten how to destroy waves on any level.


The waves in Cabo and the peninsula are very tide sensitive, so your friend might have gotten the session of his life when you might be in bogged out mush and hour later. The water is so perfect that just to rinse off the beers from the night before is perfect and getting a few turns in is always a bonus before work.


Noon: Surf Descanso 

The surf was popping up and down the Cape and even out front of the hotel on the right tide. With little communication out on the cape via internet and the likes, its nice to just sit under a palapa and wait for the tide or enjoy a cold beer and watch the sand lizards dart back and forth across the hot sand.


2pm: Double Session

Despite the mushy conditions which seem to plague the majority of Cabo’s waves, “The King of Speed” Matt Archbold rips through sections and really lets loose in the welcoming warm waters.




9:45 pm: Melia Resort Beach

Matt Jokes about the whereabouts of his son Ford


Growing up being a “wild child”, it’s only natural that his daughter would be a firecracker just like her old man. Matt’s daughter taking the spot light off dad until she sees fit.


 10 pm: Tequila Time

After a few tequila shots Matt opened up about the darker times in the San Clemente Surf Scene


Whats your favorite memory partying in Cabo?

ARCHY: I used to have a friend down there Wiesapple. We were taking his boat out to fish and drink beers. His boat ended up breaking down and we got stuck out there. It was the battery connection and we didn’t care, we had beers and sh*t.

It was getting dark and Cabo ended up having a black out and we couldn’t see the town to  come into port. So we made one of the guys with us hold the connections on the battery so we could get in. He ended up being zapped the whole way in. We kept telling him to “man up” you p_ssy. It was funny as shit. We had a case of beer so it was cool, just drinking beer and jumping off the boat all day.


Any El Squid Roe stories?

ARCHY: I went there a few times with the boysHahah.. None that I can remember. I remember every bar I went into, I would come out and my shoes would be gone. So I kept having to buy some new sandals or steal some from my friends to be able to go into the next place. haha. Every place I went into I would end up loosing my shoes somehow.  Just one of those nights.


In Baja you can literally live in boardshorts. As an Ambassador of RVCA, Matt was rocking the Civil Stripe and the Western II in black

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