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Leather Care Guide from Frye

Killer boots, man. Now learn how to keep them that way.
So you finally invested in a quality pair of boots that you could walk 500 miles in, right? Almost. To keep your leather boots looking solid for that 500 miles more, follow these instructions from Frye. Believe us, with over a century of experience with making high quality boots and shoes, these people know their stuff when it comes to making leather last….

1. Clean (rinsing and repeating not necessary): to clean, simply wipe with a fresh, dry cloth.
2. Moisturize & Condition: to moisturize, condition and protect against weather, clean the leather with a dry cloth and then apply a leather conditioner and weatherproof dressing (Frye recommends Frye Weatherproof Dressing or Weatherproof Spray). It is recommended that you test any product by applying a small amount to a discrete area and allowing it to dry.
*Note: conditioning your boots will help protect the leather, but will often darken the color.

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