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Music Fest Prep | Part One

Three is the magic number, three days of Coachella, three days of weekend celebrations, three day getaways…Why not have three different go-to outfits to get you through your mid-week work blues, kickoff your weekend, or prepare you for your three day festival adventures?! Here is the first of three outfits I chose as my ultimate lineup for these magical three days…

Outfit #1
This fun simple dress is incredibly flattering and lightweight making it perfect for hot days without having to resort to simply wearing a bikini and shorts. I love hats especially when it’s hot so I added this western hat to my get up along with my favorite white boots. I hardly ever see white boots, so I’m always sure to stand out whenever I wear these beauties.

Pictured: Rhythm Dress | Rhythm Felt Hat | Matisse Boots



Pictured: Rhythm Dress | Rhythm Felt Hat | Matisse Boots

Check back tomorrow for Outfit #2!

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