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Interesting Humans | Josh Hernandez Hitting the High Seas on a 62ft Boat with Laguna Beach Surfer


Laguna Beach local, Josh Hernandez is spending his summer on a south pacific adventure surfing, working on a boat, fishing, and surviving in style.

He and fellow waterman Adam Paskowitz left Hilo Hawaii on May 26 on a 62ft Nordhaven boat called “Spirit of Adventure”.  Arriving in Tahiti for a proper Teahupoo swell, the kids from Laguna earned local respect and have been busy finding reefs and restaurants around the island chain. Enjoy pt 1 of Josh’s journey and tips from Tahiti.

josh aliso

Josh training for the south pacific swell in his backyard, Costco style.

jah at aliso

Aliso Creek local… Photo by: Matt O’Brien

Island of Palmyra

First land sighting since Hawaii The Tahitian Island of Palmyra


“Along the way stumbled across this lil island pass gem reef break”


 Josh steep and deep inside proper Chopes.


Cruising through Teahupoo


When packing for an epic adventure on the Pacific, find the necessities you will need at SWELL like:


“Knowing the right food to eat and the gut buster meals to avoid when traveling is super important” -Josh.

Wonton soup that won’t rip the Velcro off your board shorts.


Beef curry chow mein straight off the local Tahitian food trucks

Ragiroa island off Tahiti

Ragiroa Island off Tahiti


Josh lands a tuna that still feed the whole crew.Tropical Tahitian lobsters

And then bags some  tropical Tahitian lobsters

Local guys fresh skipjack

Local bro with his catch of fresh skipjack, rocking a Billabong Tee


“This is Doc and Fancy looking over at the Hokulea, a world famous boat that is in the process of doing a 3 year voyage around the world. They will have no motor or electricity, pretty hardcore canoe” -Josh

surfers healing 2

Josh is an active participant for Surfers Healing, helping special needs children through surfing.

water shot

Taking the kids surfing for its therapeutic affect on kids lives

josh and nick i

Josh and his dad, Nick Hernandez, founder/front-man of  legendary local Reggae band Common Sense.


Sunset on the “Spirit of Adventure”



Next stop, Fiji/Tonga Island.

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