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SeaMade: Interviews – Introducing Young Gun Tia Blanco

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Ever wondered what it takes to transform your love of surfing into a career? Young gun Tia Blanco will tell you it takes a lot of time in the water, training, and dedication. Sheer style and bubbly personality don’t hurt either.
Interview + Tia’s Green Smoothie Recipe after the break…

Photos courtesy of REEF

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Photos courtesy of REEF

Since the first time she was pushed into waves at the young age of three, Tia Blanco has been conditioned for a lifetime of surfing. With solid dedication to surfing and training everyday, it was only a matter of time before surfing became a career for her. Tia started competing at the age of 12 and hasn’t gotten far from the water since her first win.

Now at 16 years old, she lives in San Clemente where she surfs Lowers as much as possible, hikes when the ocean goes flat, and paints to wind down. Her surf talent has been noticed by some of the biggest industry brands who now support her surf lifestyle and dreams.

Aside from her passion for surfing, Tia is dedicated to a vegan diet and a pro surfer boyfriend- two things that can be very hard to maintain on the road as a pro surfer. I’m telling you, this girl does it all and does so with style and grace. Read on to see how Tia finds the balance…

What is your advice for young women like yourself who want to pursue a pro surfing career?
Dream big, never give up, and be thankful to be able to surf.

Where do you draw inspiration?
Every surfer in the world and my family.

2014 goals and beyond?
My goals moving forward are definitely to improve on my surfing and travel more.

Favorite surf destination?
So far my favorite surf destination is Tahiti. I was there for about a month and fell in love with the place!

Tia’s 5 travel essentials:
-A book
-Luster by Tonic to maintain healthy hair

What are the keys to maintaining a long distance relationship? How often do you get to see each other?
We usually travel together which is always so fun! However, lately we have been traveling separately to different places. We both know and understand that we have unique lifestyles so we are always supporting each other. Today’s technology makes long distance relationships super easy!

What do you do to stay fit and be a stronger surfer besides surf?
I train with my trainer at Forged Fitness. I also do a tumbling and yoga classes.

How do you maintain a healthy, balanced, vegan diet on the road?
Sometimes it’s really hard. A lot of foreign places have limited fresh fruits and vegetables. I usually try to find a local fruit stand and that seems to help. I also try to bring good food in my luggage.

I usually make a green smoothie in the morning when I wake up. The smoothies consist of kale, bananas, chia seeds, berries, and almond milk. Here’s how to whip one up…



-1 1/2 cup of almond milk
-1/2 cup ice
-about 3 leaves of organic kale
-1 banana
-2 tbsp chia seed
-handful of organic berries

Place it all in a powerful blender, blend it, pour and enjoy! You’ll be feeling energized and ready for a full day of surfing in a matter of minutes.
Special thanks to my sponsors Reef, J7 Surfboards, Sticky Bumps, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, Tonic Haircare, Forged Fitness.
And remember – Always do your best. That’s the difference between good and great.
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