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Meet Your Maker | Stone_Cold_Fox Travels, Stone Cold Foxes (and Pugs) with Cydney and Dallas

New at SWELL, Stone_Cold_Fox adds vintage lace and Bowie flares to some of the most figure-flattering and feminine silhouettes we’ve ever seen. Try on the the Stardust jumper and you’ll see what we mean – it’s full-on mega babe status…babe-alicious, Baberaham Lincoln, etc.  To celebrate the arrival of the line at SWELL, we met up with best friends/SCF Founders Cydney and Dallas to talk about the line and the foxes behind it. Read on for the interview + take a photo tour of their new downtown loft office…IMG_8571

SWELL: Growing up together, I’m sure you have some funny stories. Tell us one of your favorites!
CYDNEY +DALLAS: Oh man we have so many, we have been friends for 20 years, the list of stories is endless. We really just always try to make each other laugh. So many fun times at trade shows, stealing our parents cars when we were younger, drawing on our moms when they pass out, and we used to dress very strange at high school dances and dance around the couples that were getting freaky on the dance floor. We were just little shits growing up!

SWELL: Cydney, tell us a little-known fact about Dallas. Dallas, tell us something fun / funny / interesting about Cydney.
CYDNEY: Dallas loves Yerba matte, fresh peonies at flower shops, and covets antique shops.
DALLAS: Cydney loves her vintage Mercedes, Fiddle Leaf Figs and Celine shoes.

SWELL: Tell us about how SCF came to be… Who was the first to say “let’s do this!”?
CYDNEY: It all started from the final collection I created while in design school. After finishing school, we started blogging, adding special pieces to the collection as we grew, and designing for people in their homes along the way. About 1 ½ years later, we opened our online store and everything grew exponentially from there.

SWELL: Any advice for young designers looking to launch their own line?
C+D: Don’t do it. Just kidding. Intern! We learned so much from internships, be a sweet nice person, meet a lot of people, work your ass off, be social, be unique and original and good things will come to you.

SWELL: You both live in Venice Beach now…where are your favorite places to eat/shop/play together in your hometown?
C+D: Favorite places…
…To Eat: Axe for brunch, Gjelina (or GTA Takeaway), Thai Vegan, we also love Bar Ama, and Cabbage patch in Downtown LA by our office.
…To Shop: Flannel, Firefly for books, The General Store, LiveStyle for furniture,
…To Play: We love riding bikes (yes, Olive rides in a basket), watching skaters at the Venice Skatepark, having wine at happy hour, cozy movie nights at home, going to cardio barre and jogging along all of the trails in Venice. We also love hosting dinner parties at our home in Venice.

SWELL: It sounds like you two have traveled the world together. Is there anywhere you’d kill to visit? What would be #1 on your packing list?
C+D: Morocco! And Greece. Maybe back to Bali. And we want to go to Spain!
CYDNEY: I’d pack a Stone Cold Fox Robe, you can wear it out at night to the beach and for lounging.
DALLAS: An Onyx Gown, you can dress it up or down wherever you go.

SWELL: Several celebs and models have been spotted rocking SCF. If you could design for anyone else (past or present), who would it be?
C+D: Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Lauren, Kate Moss, Doutzen Krous.

SWELL: We loved the collab with Beach Riot. Any new collaborations we can look forward to seeing soon?
C + D: We recently collaborated on a belt line with our good friend at LUVAJ. They are made from chain and hardware, and inspired by pieces collected from travels. All complement Stone Cold Fox dresses perfectly.

SWELL: What is the most iconic style from SCF?
C+D: It’s a toss up between the Onxy Gown, the Bonita Dress and the Holy Tube. Those and our famous “Margarita” shorts really put us on the map.


SWELL: Does your unofficial mascot, Olive (pictured above) have a pint-sized version of any of your iconic styles?
CYDNEY: No, but she does have a collection of Holiday sweaters and vintage tees!

SWELL: Any quotes or mantras that you live by?
CYDNEY: Work Hard, Play Hard. We work hard, really hard. But we always make sure to MAKE time to have fun too. It’s all about creating that balance.
DALLAS: “When In Doubt, Go Without.”





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