Meet Your Maker | Lolli Swim Founder Vy Swimmies, Sprinkles, and the Spring '14 Collection with the Designer Behind the Bow
March 5, 2014

Any girly girl worth her salt has taken notice to lOlli Swimwear’s nostalgic, queen of the sand castle, bikinis. We ventured to a magical hill in Laguna Beach to meet the girl behind the infamous bow bottoms. Read on for the short (and sugary sweet) interview + photos from her design space.

SWELL: First off – tell us, how did you get here?
VY: ? Time has flown by… I don’t even know how I got here LOL. I’ve worked in a few different areas in the industry. With its up and downs, I decided to venture out on my own. Here I am making the swimmies of my dreams!!!

SWELL: Any advice for aspiring designers looking to break into the industry? Is there anything you’d do differently next time?
VY: ? I think it’s important to do as many internships in all the different areas in fashion as you can. Always remember to follow your heart and instincts & don’t give up. I don’t think I’d change a thing. I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes and met SO many lovely people along the way.

SWELL: Can you draw a rough sketch of your first-ever design?
VY: Sure! (pictured below)

SWELL: What inspired your iconic Bow Bottoms?
VY: I’m Asian and I don’t have a booty so I wanted to make something that gave me a little extra fluff in my tush!



SWELL: What can we expect next from Lolli? Anything exciting in the works?
VY: Lots of girly things as usual… the rest is a secret =)

SWELL: Tell us about the Spring ’14 Collection. Will the bow backs be back with anything new?
VY: YES! The bows are a little bigger and the bottoms are a little teensier. SUPER cheeky just how most girlies like them =). Carnival Crush, the Spring collection, is inspired by my childhood trips to the fair and carnival. Everything about it from the rides, prizes and the food are FUN!

SWELL: What’s your favorite go-to bikini in your arsenal?
VY: My classic black on black bow bottom with a black triangle top.

SWELL: Cheeky or full coverage – which do you think is most flattering for the majority of women?
VY: I think cheeky is SUPER flattering. As long as you’re confident, you will look your best in your swimmie!




SWELL: We hear you’re getting married in Sayulita, congrats! What are the top 3 items on your packing list?
…and please tell us there will be a bow on your wedding dress somewhere!
VY: Hmmm…. Definitely my swimmies, my PAPAW lip balm, and my Lolli beach sheet. DUH??? Lol… I have a tiny bow on the back of my dress!

SWELL: Give us a quick guide to Sayulita…
Best place to stay? Play? Eat/Drink?
VY: My favorite place to stay is Petit Hotel d’Hafa. Its SO cute and has painted hearts all over. There’s a fun little bar behind the plaza I LOVE going to. I can’t think of the name but it has a bar swing instead of stools! Yummies… there are so many. Breaky at Choco Banana for sure, lunch at Burrito Revolution, and dinner at Tacos el Ivan or Si Senor in Punt Mita. MMMmmmmMmm… I’m getting hungry thinking about them!

SWELL: If you had to pick on quote or saying that embodies the Lolli girl/brand or company culture, what would it be?
VY: Lolli is playful & delicious… just enough sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth!

More About Vy…
* I never leave home without mascara.
* My novelty license plate holder would read: “I’d Rather Be at the Beach.”
* If I weren’t making bikinis, I’d probably be an Ice Cream Flavor Tester.
* My guilty pleasure: SWEETS…I love cake & ice cream…while watching Real Housewives of Atlanta.
* The best part of my job is traveling and coming up with new ideas for Lolli.

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