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Meet Your Maker | For Love & Lemons Lace and Skivvies with Founders Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall


The Holiday season is here, and we’re celebrating in Love and Lemons and everything nice.  With hand-dyed lace and flirty cuts, For Love and Lemons absolutely nails it when it comes to the perfect party dress (and pre and post-party dresses for that matter). To top it off, or rather bottom it out, they’ve just launched their Skivvies line – ultra girly, delicate, and insanely covetable lingerie. So what better time to scope out the new collections and meet the girls behind the lace. Read on for an interview with Founders Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall, and photos from their Downtown LA Design office…
Pictured: Lulu Lace Dress / Crafty Poly Print Dress

SWELL:  Tell us a Little about For Love & Lemons.
GILLIAN + LAURA: We have been around for almost 4 years now! Wow time flies by! We have fun clothes for fun girls, and we just branched into lingerie-which compliments the clothes! We started in Jackson Hole, WY (were we were born and raised). Laura and I used to have lemonade stands when we were little. So we say that the business all started there!! (And that is where the name comes from).

SWELL: For Love & Lemons is for a girl that doesn’t follow trends, she makes them. Tell us about some of the unique touches/ cuts/ styles in this season’s collection…
G + L: We just launched our Holiday Collection, which was inspired by a New York Ballerina. We created a lot of layering looks that are a mixture of knits, laces, and silks! Some of our favorite special touches is the bustier pieces. We constructed this amazing bodice (on a dress) that has tons of boning in it and looks very detailed. We exposed the boning so that you could really see how much construction goes into making the garment. We also love our sheer lacey garments, because they look so pretty with our SKIVVIES layered underneath them showing through!

SWELL: What trends do you predict seeing next season?
G + L: I am honestly one of the worst people to ask about trends, I am never really sure what is going to be the new craze. We just make what we think is cool at the moment! BUT if I was going to guess one thing…. I would say “high school prep”. Only because Alexander Wang did this in his Spring Runway show, and it looked amazing and I am pretty sure every girl is going to want to recap this runway moment.

SWELL: Are there any trends (recent or past) that you wish you could erase from your memory?
G + L: Hmmmm well I can remember a really awful time in highschool wearing JNCO jeans… so yes I would definitely like to erase that trend (and memory) of that moment. Also was never really a huge fan of the fox tail…. only because we love little animals and don’t like the thought of their tail hanging from something besides their body!

SWELL: Gillian, we here you designed your first outfit when you were 5! Can you draw what that looked like?
G: Well actually I have it framed! My mom recently sent it to me! (photo above)

(above: Article on the pair’s debut fashion show in Jackson Hole)

SWELL; And please tell us you have the yearbook photo from your “most unique style” award in high school. If not, what were you wearing in the picture?
G: Fortunately (for me), I do not have that photo. And I am sure the outfit was horrendous. I don’t think I won that award because I actually had good style, I think I got that award because I had the craziest style! I really tried it all then, so glad I got that out of my system!

SWELL: Being in business with your best friend…tell us the BEST part about it? Are there any challenges to working with a close friend?
G + L: There are so many reasons!! And actually we have not run into any challenges surprisingly. We are both really mellow, chill people. We don’t take anything to personally, so if there is a stressful day at work, we are able to leave it at the office and go get a drink after work and laugh about it! We really have so much fun all day together, it is a lot of laughs. It really makes the creative environment so much better when you are working with people you are super comfortable around!

SWELL: Laura, draw a picture of Gillian. Gillian, your best caricature of Laura

SWELL: Do you have any advice you can offer to young designers/entrepreneurs on starting a clothing line? Maybe something you’d do differently given the chance, or something you did that set you apart from other brands?
G + L: Mostly just stay true to yourself and your vision. People will support you for having your own ideas and sticking to it! I really wouldn’t change anything. Every part of the way has been a learning experience. In order to do well, you need to make mistakes and learn from them, so you can improve it and do better the next time. Which we did, and are still doing! I don’t know if we did anything to set us apart from other brands in relations to starting a clothing line-I am pretty sure everyone to make it in this industry all have done the same thing- not sleep, and work really hard :). As long as you have a passion for it and remind yourself that is why you are doing it, and work hard for it then you are on your way!!



IMG_9839 IMG_9835 IMG_9823
IMG_9808Lace is hand-dyed at FL&L HQ

IMG_9805 IMG_9800 IMG_9812 IMG_9926

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