Insta Street Style | Winter is Coming Checking on Surfing's Savages, and the Styles They're Rocking Around the World
November 22, 2013


@DylanGoodale has been KILLING it in the Triple Crown thus far. He and Paul Fisher highly recommend you get some REEF Gear. Wait, is that Brody Jenner…WTF?

instaslaterDuring winter on  the North Shore, the Torpedo People only womp at Eukai wearing Dafin, so does SWELL, and so should you. via @KellySlater selfie


Ozzie Wrong just spent a week designing his new line of acid inspired clothing for @Volcom. It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for a legit burning man outfit.

insta_golferThe world title contenders getting cheeky as always in their respective polo shirts at the Andy Irons Memorial Golf Day. via @Followthefishtv

Back in Ca, @KassiaMeador enjoys the little swell we’ve gotten in her signature Roxy wetsuit

d764c804522411e3bff10e9c1b268e6c_8@LauraEnever on the other hand relies on the warmer rubber from @BillabongWomens. Get her 4/3 at SWELL.