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Beer-30 with Imperial Motion


Our friends at Imperial Motion just cruised by SWELL HQ to share an Oktoberfest treat to toast another sick delivery of their goods. They brewed the lager at their headquarters in Tacoma, Washington and named it after the mantra under which they established Imperial Motion — “The Underachiever.”

Big core-score points to IM for making the rounds delivering surprise coldies to SWELL and other shops in need of an impromptu beer-30. Check out the best of the Pacific Northwest styles.imperial_style

Meet the Imperial Motion Underachievers. Founder Eric Wicken talks about their passions in Tacoma, WA.


“Like Imperial Motion, Underachiever is brewed under the watchful eye of Mt. Rainier and shipped out by The Underachiever’s.”


“A couple of miles from our headquarters in Tacoma is our favorite happy hour spot, E9. Originally a fire house built in 1909, this building is now the premier brewery for Tacoma’s finest beer, Underachiever!”



Want to look like a loc’ in Washington? Rock Imperial Motion and order Underachiever.



“Brew master Shane hand-selects all the hops used in Underachiever and has them blessed by Scottish monks before they are used.”


“Just like when you make Top Ramen, if you don’t stir it up right it doesn’t have the right consistency to it.”

UNDERACHIEVER_HOPS_WOOD PANEL“Finally, the finished product ready to get a good time going.”

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