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How To Travel with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil: aka the new lotion, eye makeup remover, sunscreen, deep conditioner, lip balm, bug repellant, deep conditioning treatment…and even deodorant. But if  you’ve ever attempted to travel with a jar of the magical oil, you may have found that the 76 degree melting point can cause quite an oily mess if left in a hot car or traveling to a tropical destination (which we’ll assume is the type of location you generally travel to). Even if packed in a jar, you’re walking on thin ice if you need to pack that jar in your purse or travel bag. After testing MANY different types of containers, I finally found one method that works. Read on to see what it is…
Pictured: Billabong Photo Clutch

The Trick?
Soak cotton pads in the oil before adding to your jar. Simply add oil to your jar, then cotton pad, more oil, another cotton pad and so on. Then use the cotton pads to apply your oil. Think of it as a DIY lotion/makeup remover towelette. It may seem a bit wasteful since a bit of the oil remains in the cotton, but it far outweighs the cost of having a jar leak all over your travel bag.

So far, zero spills and an oil-free travel bag for me.
Safe (and oil leak-free) travels!

Pictured: Billabong Photo Clutch
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