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Just the Tips | Surf Wax Removal How to remove old wax from your surfboard


Summer is coming so here’s a couple ways to scrape off that skunky coat of winter gunk.


 Tip 1: Firewater

Add Chief’s Wax Remover to a rag and rub all surfaces of your surfboard. You might need to scrape the thicker build up to get things started, but this firewater is a non-toxic way to remove all the dirt, tar and the dreaded “Chinese Wax Job”


 Tip 2: The Pickle

The preferred tool of ding repair junkies for prepping fiberglass work and pad installation. Simply rub the magical little spongy pickle in a circle until the wax vanishes. Rotate when wax begins to buildup.

The Pickle is currently out of stock, but check back later



Tip 3: The Sand Trick

For a fresh coat when you’re at the beach, just leave your sled in the sun until it softens to a buttery state then toss a handfull of sand on your deck. Next, rub your hands into the gooey mixture until it forms little balls and viola.



 Tip 4: Wax Comb

The old fashion comb is the quickest way to discard that gunk, and most Boardshorts now come with one tethered into the pocket. The Volcom comb shown here flexes for getting the rails, but most miss the pockets of wax in pressure dings.


There’s no better way to start the summer than saving a sled from a shameful state of waxy death. Get all your traction needs today, or even a brand new surfboard for summer shredding.

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