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DIY: How To Tie A Scarf Into A Kimono Wrap

Wrappers delight – here’s a new way to tie your year-round scarves. Learn how to tie your scarf into this year’s favorite kimono-style wrap, plus get some styling inspo…

– Scarf (the closer to square in shape, the better)
– Opposable thumbs

– Step 1: Lay your scarf out flat, then fold in half.
– Step 2: Tie the top corners together. The side openings you just created are your sleeves. Slip it on like a bolero for a bohemian top layer. Done.

STYLE IT: You now have just about the most versatile piece of clothing out there, which makes a scarf even more of a Holiday travel essential. It’s a scarf in ultra chilly weather or an added layer on a cool plane trip. Wear it over dresses, or, even better, over a bikini as a beach cover-up. Packing perfection.


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