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A Slice of Life | Crowd Control

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Summer means long days at the beach, whether you’re a year round local, a weekend warrior, or just a visitor. No matter what, we are all sharing the same surf lineup, and occasionally the same waves. Crowded surf is always a struggle to pros and beginners alike, so it is important to be polite in any situation. Try to keep your cool, even if a beginner cuts you off, or if you are being yelled at for getting in someone’s way. Surfing is supposed to be a fun activity, so try not to get worked up over a crowded day at your favorite spot.

If someone cuts you off, toss him or her a simple yet firm, “YEW!!” and he or she will probably get the hint and pull out. If they think you’re encouraging them, you might as well just shrug it off. There are plenty more waves to be had, and its better than yelling a rude, “HEY!” or even worse, expletives. If you’re really ticked off about sharing a wave or two with someone who doesn’t know any better, as long as you’re kind about it, its definitely okay to calmly let them know that its not cool to cut people off.

For those of you just learning to surf – cutting off is when you go in front of someone on a wave. The person closest to the peak has priority on waves, and unless that person is your best buddy, it’s not a good idea to go ahead of them. Doing this could actually be dangerous, running the risk of collision. If you do find yourself cutting someone off on accident, try to pull out of the wave as soon as possible, and apologize when the person paddles back out. They’ll probably tell you its no big deal, and who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend!

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