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SeaMade: Surfing 101 | Walking the Plank

One of the biggest objectives of longboarding is being able to stylishly nose ride. Today we’re going to talk about mustering up style and grace to get to the nose. Planted hail mary hang tens will come later once you’ve mastered the cross stepping.
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First, you will need a traditional log, not a high performance longboard. I’m talking about a heavy, flat, singlefin, preferably with a squaretail. These elements make walking easier.

Second, you’ll want to begin on small to medium-ish size waves. You’re not going to want to get tangled in a leash (don’t bother wearing one) so start on waves that aren’t too powerful and aren’t likely to send your board to the shore.

Then, get a wave and get to steppin. Going frontside will be way easier than backside. You’re also going to want to surf at a spot that has waves with a shoulder. Closeouts won’t give you any room to strut.

Once you have the perfect little peeler and are heading down the line, take small cross steps along the board’s stringer towards the nose. You’ll feel the board pick up speed, so be sure to stand tall but keep your knees and ankles slightly bent to maintain balance. Bending too much at the waist costs you style points.

Your arms can be flared out in a controlled manner that helps you stay balanced, or down at your sides. I know you may be nervous and a little scared but no chicken flapping here.

When you see a section coming or the wave is dying, cross step back and kick out.

So, let’s take some inspo from good old Johnny Cash and walk the line…the best kind of line…a swell line.

Photos by Chris Grant
Pictured Wetsuit by Billabong Surf Capsule

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