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Girls Gone Glamping 10 Essentials for Luxury Camping

glamping-stylePictured above: RVCA Jacket | Element Tank | Daisy Shorts | Billabong Backpack | Roxy Boots

Does an alfresco happy hour count as being “outdoorsy” in your book?
Whether you’re a seasoned s’mores maker or novice in the world of Nalgene bottles and pitching tents, setting up a plush campsite is something we can all appreciate from time to time. It’s about loving being outdoors…and loving being comfortable whilst outdoors.

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Ready to get glamping? Read on for tips + 10 essentials…

* Pick your campsite with caution. Choose a site you can pull your car up to, because hauling the kitchen sink through the forest takes the “glam” out of the glamping experience.
* Unlike regular camping, the answer to “Do I need this” is typically, “yes”.
* Toss the sleeping bag. Swap out the sleeping sack and sub in a crisp duvet and mattress pad (preferably a memory foam one if you have it).


1. The Tent. In an ideal world, every glamping weekend would start with a watermelon tent.
2. The Tunes. Pick a speaker that can hold its own in the rain and dirt, like a Nixon Blaster.
3. The Campfire Chair
4. Coffee first. Always. So make sure bring something to brew, like this camp-friendly espresso maker.
5. Stay Liquidated. Whip up some camp sangria
6. S’more Rations. Don’t skimp on the s’mores, including long skewers for singe-free roasting.
7. Light Up. Don’t forget a solid lantern
8. Stay Charged. It’s tough to broadcast what an amazing glamping trip your friends aren’t having via Insta on an empty battery. Give your gear juice with a solar charger.
9. Keep It clean. Pack an outdoor rug to prevent tracking dirt into the tent/car/camper. The pro pick: Surf Grass
10. Keep your cool. Unless we’re talking coffee or coco, glamping and warm beverages don’t mix. Take preventative measures with the Surfrider Cooler.


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