Valentine’s Gifts for Her…That Are Actually for You
January 31, 2014
valentine raem

Sharing is caring, right? Then debunk the Hallmark holiday by gifting a practical present that you and her can both enjoy. Make sure to write an extra sentimental card in case she’s prone to see through your plot to re-gift these surf essentials to yourself.

Here’s our picks for mutually beneficial gifting this Valentines Day

valentine raem

1. UNISEX SUNGLASSES -New RAEN styles are fresh for the taking


2. GoPro Adventure Hero 3 -Convince her that her Instagram will looks like Alana Blanchard in no time


3. New Surfboard -She cant deny the promise of countless surf dates, even if she has to work up to the progressive shape while you test drive it to make sure its safe. (I’ve done it, worked like a charm)


4. IntimatesWe’re not condoning cross-dressing, but you’d have to be an complete barn to not reap the benefits of this gift


5. FCS II -It not like you got her a vacuum cleaner. Just spin it like its a fitness gift. And its Pink!