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Meet Your Maker | Flying Dutchman Handplanes Eco-Friendly Artistry Meets Handheld Wave Sliding Vehicles


In honor of Recycling, Reducing and Reusing on Earthday, we recognize Flying Dutchman Handplane founder Josh Huffman for re-purposing skate-decks into handplanes.  Josh explains his passion for giving his skates a second life as a hand-shaped wave slider. Check out the original sleds at SWELL


“So many boards end up in the trash & then what? Wood is good! Why not reuse it?”


We use a fancy commercial-grade finish, which is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so it’s easy on the old lungs. Plus it’s water base, so it’s got that going for it.


We’ve also been using this epoxy from Entropy (which is made from natural stuff like pine tree sap!) to fill the truck holes and set the stainless strap anchors. We’ve really worked hard to be able to try & keep them all as environmentally friendly as possible which is pretty cool, and at the end of the day having a finished product you can feel good about, is pretty neat.


When you get a “fresh” batch of old broken boards its exciting to see what you will discover… Every one is going to be different; no two are ever the same. Each board records its tattered past by each scar, wrinkles, and painted scrapes. All the different lamination colors, the random graphics & stickers… When they are taken out of their original context, cut into something else, I think they become something that’s even more interesting than when they first started life. The top is just raw and the bottom, clean and refined. There’s something unexpected about that.


I love seeing people’s reaction when they figure out what the hand planes used to be. I hope it’s inspiring! I think the world needs more people making things, being weird and getting their hands dirty!


There’s a core group of guys that will always see something and be like, “I could make that…” Why not? It will always be a little different anyway. Along the way you’ll change that, tweak that. I think it’s so fun to see all the different ways people create hand planes, its really inspiring. -Josh Huffman

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