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Welcome To Element’s New Home: The Branch

Sandwiched between industrial buildings and a metal shop, you would never know it’s there…aside from the skate park and urban greenery that is. Welcome to Branch, the new home of Element Skateboards. On the surface, one might think it’s a random place for a skate company. But dive into the company culture and principles, and you’ll notice that they’re right where they should be. Founded on goals of bringing progress to skateboarding and everything that surrounds them, the choice to re-purpose one of the community’s oldest hardware stores into their new home brought the ideas of growth and a commitment to nature and community full circle.
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The goal of Branch is to reclaim, reuse and recycle before buying new.
Old shipping containers were brought back to life to showcase new collections, reclaimed flooring from basketball courts makes up meeting room tables, and the building’s industrial lockers were given a new purpose in the R+D department. Many of the building’s fixtures were born from creatively salvaged materials left behind by the hardware store.

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From Element’s Marketing Team:
Our passion lies in rethinking the way we work, live and give back.
We ensure our space is an open home to Element friends and family, whether that be offering a mini ramp for our team to skate, or a studio space for our artists/Advocates to create new work! Visitors are sure to find music always playing, incense lit, and someone’s pet to welcome them at the door… If they’re lucky, they will get in on one of our family dinners, made from home-grown veggies straight out of our on site cooperative garden!

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