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Meet Your Maker | Electric Watches From San Clemente Surf Team to CEO - Eric Crane Talks Action Inspired Watches

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SWELL stopped by Electric HQ in San Clemente to interview Eric Crane, Electric’s new CEO and the man behind their expansion into watches.

SWELL: What makes the new watches tailored for surfers?:

EC: First we moved the crown slight off-center at 4 o’clock, so when you go to pop up on your board it doesn’t stab the top of your hand.

Next, we domed the crystal so it easily slips under your wetsuit. You can also use the extra band length to wear it over your thick wetsuit. Being participants in the lifestyle is very important to us, and Electric products are designed to be used in action sports. Check out all the styles at SWELL


SWELL: What era inspired the Watch design elements?

EC: Our designs are inspired by the classics. We really like the utilitarian elements of the WWII Military Issue Field Watch Style. Then we modernized things with elegant details like quartz chronographs.

SWELL:Favorite WWII movie:

EC: I’m going to get heckled for this, but I’m going with Pearl Harbor. Anyone who says they didn’t cry in that movie is a liar.

SWELL:What people are inspiring the new looks at Electric?

EC: Hanging with the Gudauskas Bros definitely gets everyone amped. We have an insane capsule collection in the works, and it was super funny coming up with a name for it. Dane had an intensely stoked-filled list of names  bursting with positive energy. In the end, we summed it it up with “3+” representing the 3 Optimistic Brothers that have become epic role models in the surf community.


SWELL:Next Surf Trip?

EC: Wherever the next stop is on the WSA event schedule for my 3 groms, so down to Mission Beach next weekend and back home to compete at the SC Pier on Dec 7th. The boys are 8,11,13 and my oldest rips it on the ShoreCliffs surf team.

SWELL: If this watch was a Surfboard, it’d be a…

EC: Chris Christenson Ocean Racer. It’s a square-tailed twin fin with low rails, belly in the nose, single concave thru the fin region that creates more release than any other fish design.

SWELL:Favorite Tacos in San Clemente?

EC:  I’ve always been a Pedros guy since my days on the San Clemente Surf Team, but nowadays I’m hooked on South of Nicks. The Shrimp taquitos are insane too.

SWELL: Last Live Show you’ve attended?

EC: A Psychobilly band called “Goddamn Gallows” at The Roxy

SWELL: Next Live show:

EC: Murder City Devils on November 11th at the Observatory. One of the greats!


Eric Crane started his Actions Sports career in 1993 as a graphic designer for Arnette. A founding member of the Electric team, Eric returned to lead the brand in 2012 after a 5-year stint as VP of Product + Design at Nixon.

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