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Photo Tip | Dane Grady Follow the Light Finalist Reveals Secrets for Spicy Backlit Surf Shots


Name: Dane Keolalani Grady
Home: Kapa’a HI
Photog Inspo: Jon Mozo
Instagram: @DaneGrady

I love the look of backlit surf. Shooting backlit waves will reward you with unique illumination to your photos, and simplify subjects into artsy silhouettes. Some of my most favorite images are backlit. There is a technique that I love to use every once in a while that gives my backlit images a bit more spice.


After clearing the dry port on my housing of any water spots, I take small pinch of water and flick it back onto the port. I blow air on the port and scatter the small water spots, moving them to particular sides of the port, depending on my subject framing. This creates brilliant geometric lens flares and even rainbows. I found this technique most intriguing when my image has a large space to subject ratio.

Mahalo -Dane Grady


Dane is 1 of 5 Follow the Light Finalists in the Running for a $5K Photography Grant Awarded at the US Open of Surfing on 7/29.  Stay Tuned for more insane surfscapes from these up and coming surf photographers

2014 Finalists:   Ryan Craig, Woody Gooch,  Seth de Roulet,  Rambo Estrada,  Dane Grady
FTLF 2013 postcard

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