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Photographer Gear Review | Dafin Award Winning Surf Photographer Professes His Love For His Favorite Swim Fins


Words & Photos by Shawn Parkin

First, let me say that I am not sponsored by DaFin. I don’t know the people who run the company, and I’ve never been given a free pair of fins. I’m just a believer in their product.

parkin_profileAs a bodysurfer and a photographer who shoots in the water, I need a fin that will be agile in the impact zone, and not put too much strain on my legs and feet. After trying Vipers, Churchills, Techs, and even Duck Feet, I finally found DaFins.


I’m not a big guy, and I dont have the strongest legs, so the bigger blade fins end up giving me bad foot and leg crams. And as most surfers and swimmers know, cramps can be crippling in the water.  For me, DaFin has a great combination of a soft foot cup, and a shorter, stiff blade. So it’s comfortable on your foot, but has enough rigidity in the blade to get good thrust through the water. And as a bonus, they are ultra low-profile, so they pack well for travel. You should buy them

Parkin_DaFin-5821 You know who else is obsessed with Dafin? Mark Cunningham and the torpedo people. See them sliding around in Come Hell or Highwater


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