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DIY: No-Sew Shirt Skirt

This Friday we raided the men’s shirt section on SWELL and tested out a few different ways to style them. Some worked, some were complete fails (turns out every popular pin hasn’t been road-tested). The winner: this DIY no-sew, high-waisted version, or as I like to call it, the “mine now” skirt. Read on for a 10-second, visual how-to….

We tested a few cut-n-sew versions, a dress version (that severely needed straps if you get where we’re headed with that), and cut-n-no-sew version that came in at a close second, but FELL (pun intended) short. This version came out on top for it’s user-friendliness and nineties throwback look.

Men’s Shirt (Pictured: SUPERbrand Shirt)

Step 1: Unbutton the top of the skirt until you can just pull it up around your waist. Let the collar fall on the inside.
Step 2: Tie the sleeves together in the front.

Complete the 90’s flannel around the waist look with a fitted top, tucked in, and a pair of booties or combat boots.

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