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DIY: Scarf Bottle Carrier

With graduations, Father’s Day and Holiday weekend festivities on the horizon, it’s safe to say that celebrations are on the horizon…which means celebration gifts are in order. And for Summer shindigs, booze is rarely an unwelcome gift. Our advice for giving gifts, in ascending order: booze, 2 bottles of booze, 2 bottles of booze wrapped in a neat package that also happens to double as a scarf. And for the latter, an easy DIY Scarf Bottle Carrier…

* Scarf (Pictured: Starfish Scarf)
* Two Bottles, Dealer’s Choice (side note: for babes on a budget, swap one for a mixer – think Bloody Mary kit here)


You’re essentially making a booze bottle rolled taco, folded in half, and tied at the top. Eh, what? Read on…
* Step 1: If the scarf you are using is more of a rectangle than a square, start by folding it in half. If it’s pretty close to square, proceed to step 2

* Step 2: Lay out your scarf on a flat surface. Place the bottles, bottoms facing each other, towards one corner of the scarf.

* Step 3: Roll. All the way to the end.

* Step 4: Fold your bottle burrito in half.

* Step 5: Twist the ends and tie them together at the top.



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