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DIY: Leather Envelope Clutch

A solid leather envelope comes to the style-rescue in almost any situation (excluding mailing out your Christmas cards that is). A small one is a great business card holder or phone case, and a larger one is a perfect around town bag for when lugging a tote- worth of accessories isn’t ideal. A larger one would be a perfect computer sleeve (gift idea gold). So keep this DIY handy for the holiday season ahead. Maybe even Pin It for later. Read on for the how to…
(Pictured: Komono Round Sunglasses / Pura Via iPhone Case )

* Envelope (size is up to you)
* Piece of heavy leather (size depends on size of envelope)
* Chalk or pencil
* Sharp scissors
* Grommet or Metal Snap
* Hammer
* Leather punch (optional – I’m sure you could find a sharp object to improvise)
* Strong adhesive

* Step 1: Carefully take your envelope apart until you end up with a 4-point star shape.

* Step 2: Using the chalk or pencil, trace the template onto the back side of the piece of leather. Note: if the 3 lower sides of your envelope do not ALL overlap, make sure to add additional room onto the lower side of the side points (see above left for where the line has been draw far below the left flap point).

* Step 3: Cut around the lines

* Step 4: Fold the bottom three corners in so that they are overlapping (see above)

* Step 5: Using your leather punch, or other sharp object of sorts, pierce a hole through all 3 layers where they connect

* Step 6: Place grommet or snap through the layers. Hammer into place. *Note, when you buy snaps, opt of the package which includes a ball pin and follow directions on the package.

* Step 7: If you are using a grommet, you are done. If using a snap, pierce a hole at the top of the flap, and hammer in the other side of the snap.

* Step 8: Add adhesive along the lines indicated in red above.

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