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DIY: Crop Tank

Waistlines and (t0p) hemlines are on the rise this season. The two go hand-in-hand: a cropped top helps accentuate Fall’s high waists, as well as balance out a long maxi dress or maxi skirt. Transition your regular-length tops into Fall crops with this easy DIY. It also works great for larger tees – simply lift the tee from your boyfriend’s closet, cut off the sleeves, and follow the steps below. A bonus – now you can tap into the huge selection of men’s tees at SWELL!

Read on for the 3-minute how-to…materials
* Tank or tee (pictured: The Laundry Room Tank – get yours free with any purchase from The Laundry Room)
* Sharp Scissors
* Pencil or chalk

* Step 1: Use chalk or a pencil to draw a line across the tank at the desired final length.

* Step 2: Draw a curved line, starting from the center, ending where the side seam and horizontal line you drew (see step 1) meet. Cut along the curved lines.

* Step 3: Draw a line down the center of the remaining, triangle shaped piece of the tank. Cut along that vertical line.

* Step 4: Tie the two pieces together. DONE!

Get this tank…for FREE with your Laundry Room purchase from SWELL! Check out few of our favorite tanks from the Laundry Room:

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