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DIY: Scarf Camera Strap

Every photographer will agree that one of the most important steps to getting great photos is to always have your camera with you. So if your camera has become purse numero two, why not customize your camera strap to match your style. Enter this week’s DIY – How to turn Fall’s new scarves in to camera straps. Read on for the step-by-step how-to…

* Scarf (pictured: Stussy Python Scarf)
* Leather pieces (check craft stores or find used leather garments almost any thrift store)
* Heavy Needle + Thread
* Split Key Rings (2)
* Small Clips or Carabiners (2)

Step 1: Pick your scarf! Check out some of our picks here

Step 2: Cut your leather pieces into two symmetrical / identical bow tie shapes

Step 3: Place leather bow ties halfway through the key rings and fold in half.

Step 4: Insert opposite corners of your scarf into the center of each leather piece. Sew around 3 sides (you do not need to sew the side with the key ring). Make sure to reinforce the top side.


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