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DIY: Braid Crown

Love this look from the SWELL Holiday ’13 photoshoot? You’re not alone there. This secured up-do promises a upkeep-free New Year’s Eve look. So, photo in-hand, we skipped down to our favorite styling spot, Pure Blowdry Bar in Encinitas, to help us re-create the look. And they NAILED IT. Ready to try it out for yourself? Read on to get Pure’s DIY on this festive up-do that can stand up to the celebrations.
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STEP1: Starting at the front of your hairline on one side, grab a small portion of hair. Begin to french braid, adding the new piece of hair UNDER the braid (traditionally, you would add the new piece of hair on the top of the braid). In short, you are creating an inside-out french braid (sometimes called a Dutch Braid)braid-crown-step1

STEP 2: Continue the inside-out french braid down the side of your head, then along the hairline at the bottom.braid-crown-step2

STEP 3: when you reach the opposite side of your neck, then braiding normal from there. Secure with an elastic.

STEP 4: You are now left with a braid on one side, and about 1/4 to 1/3 of your hair remaining on the opposite side.
Repeat the above on the opposite side. You now have inside-out, very uneven braids.braid-crown-step4

STEP 5: If you have short hair, you can simply cross the ends over each other at the base of the hairline, secure with hair pins, and tuck the lose ends under (very top photo). If you have longer hair (pictured below), you’ll have to fold the braid over itself a few times, then secure with hair pins.braid-crown-step5

Styling-challenged? If you’re in the San Diego area, check out Pure Blowdry Bar – (using eco-friendly products!)they can help you re-create the look, or any other ‘do you’re going for. Then the only thing your hands will need to worry about doing it holding your glass of champagne from time to time! Click HERE to book an appointment

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