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DIY: Recycled Surf Wax Candle

Aside from being a natural car freshener, we’ve found one more use for surf wax. No, you still can’t eat it. Sorry if that’s where you think we were going with this. But you CAN use it to make candles. Chances are, you have a board laying around with a less-than-fresh wax job. Time to kill two birds with one DIY and make some candles.
Wax Off: Learn how to remove surfboard wax
Wax On: Read on for the how to make candles out of the old wax…

* Surf Wax (either harvested from a board or buy the fresh stuff here)
* Wick
* Container (this can be a small glass, tin, shells – get creative)
* Melting Pot (an empty can works great, just be sure to use an oven mitt)

* STEP 1: Scrape the wax off of our board (click HERE for the tutorial)
* STEP 2: Melt the wax. Place the wax ball in a metal container (and old can works great) and heat it on low until it turns into a liquid. Skip using your roommate’s sauce pan. You’ll never get the wax off of it.
* STEP 3: Assemble. Place the metal end of the wick in the center of your container. Tie the end of the wick around a chopstick. Balance the chopstick on two glasses to keep the wick upright.
* STEP 4: Pour. The dirt and sand should have settled at the bottom. Leave it there as you pour the wax into your container, being careful not to pour the sand-filled wax in.
* STEP 5: Wait. Let your candles come to room temp before cutting the wick to about 1/2″ tall.
* STEP 6: Light up and take a big breath in of summer.

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