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DIY: Bike Wheel Shade Display

…it’s what your shades should be doing on the off season. Instead of banishing them to the bench – hiding them in a heap in your closet, or stashing them in the junk drawer, show those shades off. The 30 second solution: an old bike wheel.
Find one, nail it up (or set it on a table leaning against a wall if you’re renting). Add shades.
Added bonus – it’s a great visual reminder to wear your sunglasses year-round.
Don’t have an old wheel? Try checking the Craigslist free section for old bikes.


PS – please make it YOUR old bike wheel. There’s nothing worse than finding your locked up bike sans-wheel (or seat!) when you set out to go for a ride. Especially if you had to hoof it a few miles to get to it.

Pictured sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Quay, VonZipper and Replay.
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