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DIY: Gift Card Snow Globe

There really is no better gift than the gift to choose your own gift. The downside? A gift card doesn’t require a whole ton of thought or time. The fix: fancy-up your gift card with this very thoughtful DIY – turn it into a snow globe.
Now it’s both practical AND it has a personal touch. Tah-daaaaahh.
Read on for the how-to…

* SWELL Gift Card
* Jar
* Glitter or Grated PVC (for snow)
* Glycerin – a few drops (this is what helps the glitter stay suspended for longer it can be found at any drugstore)

+ Anything else you want to toss in the jar…ornaments, mini garden gnomes, shells, or a clear tape-laminated photo of yourself. I don’t know what your family/friends are into, but you do, so add something to make it a touch more personal.

If there’s a label on your jar, peel it off and scrub off the glue (if you have GooGone that’s a huge help). Toss the above in a mason jar. Fill to the top with water. Seal the jar. Shake. Give.

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