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DIY: Scoop Back Tank How to make a scoop tank from a men's tee

Like most things in life, we often over complicate DIYs. So this week, it’s back to the basics with a simple scoop tank. Although easy enough to execute with an oversized tee, pair of scissors, and opposable thumbs, the scoop front and back add drama to an otherwise basic jersey tee. Read on for the how-to…

* Oversized Tee | Pictured: Palm Tree Tee
* Sharp Scissors
* Pencil or chalk
* Opposable Thumbs

* STEP 1: Try on your tee and place a chalk pencil mark on the front of the tee where you’d like the neckline to fall.
* STEP 2: Lay your tee out flat. Cut off the sleeves, being careful not to cut too much off of the shoulders. Skinny straps are more prone to stretching out and breaking. The straps will stretch out a bit after a wear or two, so error on thicker straps. You can always go back and cut off more if you want a thinner strap.
* STEP 3: Following the guides above, trace a U shape from the shoulders to *A FEW INCHES ABOVE YOUR MARK. Cut along the traced line. *Why not cut all the way to the mark? As the straps stretch out, your neckline will lower…possibly to lower than you had originally intended it to. So give yourself a few inches of buffer…or plan on getting a bralette to wear under your tank.
* STEP 4: Repeat the above step, this time tracing and cutting the back of your tee.


Want to add even more interest to your tank? See how to add a  statement necklace to the back:
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