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DIY: Scarf Beach Bag Learn How To Tie a Scarf into a Beach Bag

You’re packing for (insert your dream/actual Spring beach destination here). Maybe you’re like me, and just enjoy packing light, or maybe, between the bikinis, multiple footwear options, hats, more bikinis and the kitchen sink, a beach bag may just not fit into the mix. What to leave behind?! Panic sets in. This type of life-altering decision calls for a creative solution: pack one, multipurpose piece: a scarf. Among the list of things you’ll use it for (a beach wrap, racerback tank, blanket for the plane, head wrap, kimono…the list is endless), a beach /market bag is at the top in terms of space-saving functionality. Read below the break to learn how to tie your scarf into a beach bag…

A Scarf (pictured: SWELL Scarf)

* Lay your scarf out flat. See above for letter reference for the following steps.
* Tie the center top and bottom together (B and E)
* Twist all 4 corners (A, C, D, and F)
* Finally fold the scarf in half and tie corners together (A & C together / D & E together). These become your straps.

That’s it. When you get to the beach, you now have a scarf that can be used (once unpacked of course) for a head wrap, beach blanket or cover-up.
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