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DIY: Pom Pom Beach Shorts

Spring is in sight! Which usually means doing a little pruning work on pants that have shrunk and morphed into high waters, stretched out, or become tattered at the bottom. A simple cut-off (cuffed or left to fray) does the trick, but if you really want to settle into the festive nature of the season, try adding a smidgin of flair with the addition of pom pom trim. This week’s DIY comes in the form of updating a pair of our favorite beach pants. Read on for the how-to…

* Pants (pictured: Billabong Beach Pants)
* Sharp scissors
* Needle/thread
* Pins
* Pom pom trim (available at fabric or craft stores)
* Iron

* Step 1: Wear the pants. Put them on, and use a needle to mark how short you’d link your shorts to be on the outseam. Up to you…no judgement on our part!

* Step 2: Take the pants off and cut a diagonal line, starting from the inseam, about 2″ or more from the crotch, and ending 1/2″ below the mark.

* Step 3: Turn the pants (technically now shorts) inside out. Create a 1/2″ cuff. Iron the cuff in place on both legs.

* Step 4: Turn the shorts right side out. Pin the pom pom trim on the outside of the leg openings. You could pin it on the inside as well, depending on the look you prefer.

* Step 5: Sew in place

* Step 6: Put your pom poms on and get out in search of sun.
pompom-shorts-done pompom-shorts-side

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