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DIY: Pallet Organizer

Get a head start on Spring cleaning! Make room for sunny new additions to your closet by utilizing your wall space. Instead of drilling in hooks into the wall, give yourself a little freedom to swap things around with this insanely simple pallet organizer. Hang hats, bag, jewelry, or shades – whatever the season calls for. You can even use it as a shoe rack by sticking the toes between the panels. If you’re the fancy type, give it a touch of paint (ombre would be pretty killer), or go industrial with the au naturel wood. Read on for the how-to…

– Wood Pallet
– S-Hooks (any hardware store should have these)
– Paint *optional

Grab your pallet. Hang some S-hooks over the front planks. Prop against a wall. Hang your goods. Additional steps you cold add to that mix include painting (pre-hanging goods of course), or using a drill/screws/drywall anchors to fix it to the wall. But really, no need to complicate things.

Pictured Clockwise from Top Left: Purple Loveley Bird Hat | Billabong Sun Hat | Volcom Foldover Bag |Stela 9 Weekender | Stela 9 Bucket BagRVCA Black Felt Hat

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