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DIY: Living Mug

Forgot to pick up a gift for a boss/friend/hostess/etc? Grab a mug you don’t mind parting with and get to DIYing. The lucky recipient will likely be relieved to not to have another bowl of sugary goods staring at them from behind their computer monitor.
Get 5 minute how-to…
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Mug (Get this one FREE with your Somedays Lovin’ Purchase, *while supplies last)
Small rocks
2 Handfuls of soil
Small pants (**see note below)

**I used small succulents broken off from larger plants round the yard and neighborhood, but you could fill with whatever plants you like. A few other ideas:
Rocks and a Paperwhite Bulb
Small herb plants
Rosemary cut into a mini tree
Wheatgrass (grow it in about 4 days from wheatberries)

Start by filling the bottom of the mug with small rocks. This will allow for some drainage. Add a handful of soil, add plants, and top with a second handful of soil. Fill in any gaps between plants with more rocks. Give, preferably handle side out, along with a smile. Maybe add a “Happy Holiday’s” in there somewhere.

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