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DIY: Ladder Shelf

Slide into the Bikini Truck Accessories Garden and you’ll find this unique shelf, showcasing a few of our favorite finds. Bikini Truck Designer, Paul Brewer (Brewer Design Agency) let us in on a secret: you can build one yourself in half the time than it takes you to weave through crying kids and domestic squabbles in the Ikea maze. Ready to construct one? Read on for the how-to…

IMG_1925 IMG_1886
* Wooden Ladder (check your local hardware store)
* Wooden Boards or Plywood (some larger hardware stores will cut these to your desired length)
* Paint or Stain (optional)
* Sand Paper

* After you find a ladder, measure the width of each step. When you pick out your wooden boards, make sure they are skinnier than the top step.
* Get to sanding.
* Paint – if you’re feeling fancy
* Slide the boards through the steps
* Add tchotchke?s, plants, etc. Done.

* VonZipper Sunglasses
* Pura Vida Bracelets

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